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Versailles Academy’s Professional Hairstylist Program

Course Objective
Versailles Academy offers a hairstyling program with one clear goal; individualized, cutting edge training directed at quick, successful access to the job market. Our students are considered our clients. Their success in the workforce is a direct reflection of our success as educators. 

Career Opportunities
Numerous career opportunities exist in beauty institutes, hair salons, health clubs, cruise ships, resorts and cosmetic firms. Many hairstylists choose to open their own salon while others gain employment as teaching professionals.

Course Start Dates
Courses start in September and January

Course Duration
44 weeks full-time
1500 hours
Monday through Friday

Professional Development

  • Poise and posture
  • Ethics
  • Personality development
  • Life skills
  • Communication
  • Nutrition
  • Human relations
  • Sanitation
  • Sterilization
  • Bacteriology

The Hair

  • Properties
  • Composition
  • Growth
  • Hair analysis
  • Scalp and hair care
  • Product knowledge
  • Hair loss


  • Updos
  • Braids
  • Blow-dry styling
  • Curling techniques
  • Roller setting
  • Comb outs
  • Pincurls
  • Finger waves
  • Advanced blow-dry techniques
  • Scalp treatment
  • Styling wigs and artificial hair
  • Corn rowing
  • Braided extensions/weaving
  • Glue-in extensions

Basic Haircutting

  • Blunt cut
  • Classic bob cut
  • Long layer cut
  • Even layer cut
  • Basic techniques
  • Draping techniques

Advanced Haircutting and Barbering

  • Men's and women's clipper cuts
  • Razor cuts
  • Advanced texturizing techniques
  • Point cutting
  • Education on advanced tools used in the industry
  • Latest updated cuts, procedures and techniques

Basic Perming

  • Perm wraps
  • Basic wrapping techniques

Advanced Perming

  • Long and short hair
  • Creative perms
  • Piggyback and spiral wraps
  • Chemical hair relaxing
  • Soft curl perming

Basic Hair Colouring

  • Basic colour applications
  • Chemistry in hair colour
  • Law of hair colour
  • Basic highlighting

Advanced Hair Colouring

  • Application of lightener
  • Freehand
  • Foiling
  • 3 dimensional colour
  • Special effects
  • Tri-colour techniques
  • Corrective colour
  • Colour and cut
  • Competition

Salon Management

  • Customer service
  • Business procedures
  • How to start your own business
  • Career counselling
  • Resume writing
  • Job interview skills
  • Communication skills
  • Salon trends and management
  • Mentorship program

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers include experts in the beauty trade and its related fields, medical specialists and technical reps from various skin care lines.

I Realized My Dream


“My name is Natalie and I am a proud graduate of the professional hair styling program. Since graduation I have returned to Versailles Academy many times to judge their Cut and Colour competition and also speak to their senior classes about job interviews skills, how to stay motivated in the industry and where this career could lead them. I had a dream of becoming a salon owner for 12 years and I finally realized my dream 5 years ago. I am the proud owner of The Hair Salon located at 1012 Wellington street west.”

- Natalie Turcotte, Professional Hairstylist Graduate, June 1999   |  Facebook

Natalie Turcotte
Professional Development
The Hair
Basic Haircutting
Advanced Haircutting and Barbering
Basic Perming
Advanced Perming
Basic Hair Colouring
Advanced Hair Colouring
Salon Management
Guest Speakers
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