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part-time programs

Versailles Academy of Make-Up Arts, Esthetics, Hair
Part-Time Hair, Esthetic and Make-Up Courses

At Versailles Academy, we offer students endless opportunities for growth. Whether you're currently working in the industry or just looking to try your hand at something new, there's a course for you. Many courses are offered in the evening, and students benefit from smaller class sizes that are more conducive to personal attention.
Schedules for part-time courses can be totally customized to accommodate the student’s availability, day or evening.

Course Start Date
For course start dates, please enquire with the Director of Admissions.

Make-up Artistry

  • Course start dates: January, April, July and September
  • Course duration: 39 hours 
  • Tuition: $2195

This accelerated 33-hour course is usually taught in the evenings. The program emphasizes technique and practical application and provides an excellent background in the make-up industry. Students are encouraged to create their personal portfolio.

  • Skin cleansing techniques

  • Basic make-up

  • Day make-up

  • Eye styles

  • Evening make-up/glamour techniques

  • Corrective make-up concepts

  • Colour photo make-up

  • Wedding make-up

  • Make-up and eyewear

  • Television and film make-up

  • Video make-up

  • Mature make-up

  • Black-and-white photo

  • Racial and cultural beauty concepts

  • Men's make-up

  • Fashion show make-up

  • Fantasy make-up

The M.A.C Pro Student Program Eligible School

Advanced Special Effects Make-up

  • Course start date: please enquire
  • Course duration: 15 hours
  • Tuition: $1095

An excellent introduction to the fascinating world of advanced make-up. The advanced program will cover a wide variety of topics. Bring your camera to take before and after pictures of your work. Your pictures will later provide a great theatre portfolio. Topics covered are aging, witches, cats, injury effects (such as burns, cuts and scars), hair placement, ballerina and kabuki theatre. A study of film icons and historical beauty through the ages.

Facial Techniques

  • Course start date: please enquire
  • Course duration: 39 hours 
  • Tuition: $2995


This is an in-depth program featuring the Versailles Academy facial techniques. Included in this unique curriculum is the complete facial massage, the twelve cleansing manipulations and different facial treatments. A study of the histology of the skin, skin types, and ingredient and product information will be covered. Practical experience with facial equipment will be offered throughout the course. Facials have become an important beauty service enjoyed by thousands of women. Learn this valuable skill with the Versailles estheticians.

Advanced Facial Techniques

  • Course start date: please enquire
  • Course duration: 15 hours 
  • Tuition: $1095

Offered only to graduates of the facial or esthetician program, this unique curriculum will advance and update your facial technique. Lymphatic drainage, galvanic and aromatherapy treatments as well as an advanced acupressure massage are taught. Also included are eye treatments, neck treatments and the use of serums.


  • Course start date: please enquire
  • Course duration: 15 hours
  • Tuition: $1095

A fifteen hour program teaching the timeless art of manicuring. Topics covered are hand and nail diseases, classic manicure, French manicure, spa manicure, hand peeling, hot stone massage, hot oil treatment and paraffin wax treatment. Models are provided for practical experience throughout the program.

Medical Facial and Skin Care Therapy

  • Course start date: please enquire
  • Course duration: 39 hours
  • Tuition: $3395


Offered only to graduates of the facial or esthetician program, this unique curriculum will train you to perform medical esthetic services utilizing the latest technology in products and equipment. Expect to learn medical terminology and the business aspects of working in a medical environment.

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Chemical peels

  • Enzyme and peel alternatives

  • LED light therapy

  • Micro current

  • Ultrasound technology

  • Non-surgical face lifting

  • Advanced skin care products

  • Sun protection products

  • Pre- and post-treatment care

  • Post-treatment mineral make-up

  • Medical terminology for fillers and injectables

  • Demo of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) procedures


  • Course start date: please enquire
  • Course duration: 15 hours
  • Tuition: $1095

Hair removal is one of the most important services offered in today's beauty salon. This in depth private 15-hour program will teach the student hair removal by hot wax and lukewarm wax methods. Demonstration and practical technique are emphasized in this private program. Learn with the experts this valuable skill.


  • Course start date: please enquire
  • Course duration: 15 hours 
  • Tuition: $1095

A fifteen hour private program teaching the important salon skill of pedicuring. This is a service that is highly in demand in all beauty salons. Curriculum includes foot diseases, anatomy of the foot, hot stone massage, classic pedicure and spa pedicure. Models are provided throughout the course for practical experience.

Gel Nail Techniques

  • Course start date: please enquire
  • Course duration: 15 hours 
  • Tuition: $1095

The gel nail program is a fifteen hour private course providing a detailed study of the new gel methods. Models are provided so students get hands on practice with the supervision of their teacher.

Back and Body Massage

  • Course start date: please enquire
  • Course duration: 15 hours 
  • Tuition: $1095

A private fifteen hour curriculum to teach the student a back treatment program. A skin treatment especially for the back is designed for each client. Relaxation movements are practised for the back, neck and shoulders, including Swedish massage techniques along with a special sea salt glow treatment.

Back and Body Treatments

  • Course start date: please enquire
  • Course duration: 15 hours
  • Tuition: $1095

A private fifteen hour curriculum to teach the student total body relaxation movements. A cellulite treatment and bust treatment are also included to encourage firming and toning techniques. Includes hot stone therapy.

Private Hairstyling Individual Programs

  • Course start date: please enquire
  • Course duration: 15 hours/each 
  • Tuition: $1095/each

These courses are offered both as refresher/update programs for licenced professionals or as personal interest courses.

  • Basic haircutting refresher
  • Advanced cutting
  • Advanced perming
  • Advanced colouring
  • Glamour hairstyling

IPL Intense Pulsed Light Techniques

  • Course start date: please enquire
  • Course duration: 25 hours
  • Tuition: $2295


Learn about hair removal and reduction, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, vascular facial lesions and pigmented spots, acne and epidermal lesions, and acne treatments. Develop perfect control technique using our new state-of-the-art iPulse IPL Intense Pulsed Light machine.

Sugaring Hair Removal

  • Course start date: please enquire
  • Course duration: 15 hours 
  • Tuition: $1095

For centuries, Middle Eastern women have used natural paste made of sugar and lemon to painlessly remove facial and body hair. Learn this unique and proven, all natural technique with our hands-on course.

Eyelash Extension

  • Course start date: please enquire
  • Course duration: two consecutive Saturdays or Sundays, from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Cost: $1095 (includes kit and manual)

Learn how to apply eyelash extensions. This is a popular new service for creating longer and thicker eyelashes. The eyelashes are extended by applying a combination of faux mink and silk lashes directly onto existing natural eyelashes, one lash at a time. This program combines both theory and practical application through a two day training schedule. Students will practice on each other and models to experience both perspectives as a professional and client.

Topics Covered:

  • Product overview
  • Sanitation and safety
  • Client consultation
  • Contraindications
  • Application of product
  • Potential annual revenue and more

Hollywood Dreams

"I am a proud graduate of the Professional Makeup Artistry Program at Versailles Academy. After graduating I successfully started my own Makeup business leading me to multiple opportunities in the last couple years. Some examples of my success would be appearing on Daytime Ottawa, doing makeup on set for Bell TV, and being a part of literally all of Ottawa's Local Horror shorts and films. I have made a name for myself here in Ottawa and hope to use my skills and qualifications from Versailles to move on to bigger, better Hollywood dreams."

- Alina Sauve, Make-Up Artistry & Advanced Make-Up Artistry Graduate, July 2015

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Much Gratitude

“I can’t thank Versailles Academy enough for giving me the tools and knowledge I have in all things related to “skin”. My passion is the world of Medical Esthetics and without Versailles I would never be in the position I am now, working as the Head Medical Esthetician for one of the top Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons in Canada at Ottawa Plastic Surgery."

- Amy R., Professional Medical Esthetician, Cosmetician & IPL Technician Graduate, June 2007

Proud Graduate

“I am extremely proud to be a graduate of Versailles Academy's 2016 Professional Make-up Artistry program. I have gained a lot of confidence because of all the hands-on experience I received in every class. I have had the chance to work on set with local models and some of the city's best photographers. I also recently completed both the Facial & Medical Esthetics programs at Versailles. I look forward to what the future has in store for me."

- Zahraa Abdul-Hussein., Professional Make-Up Artistry, Facial & Medical Esthetic Graduate, July 2017


Friendships and Opportunities

“My name is Chinenye Ifedi and I first started doing make-up as a hobby. Admiration of my work from friends and family turned a hobby into a business and Shakara Designs was born. “Shakara”, a slang from my native country (meaning to “show off”), perfectly embodies what my make-up application allows women to do… show off their beauty! To further enhance my skills, I completed a make-up artistry program at Versailles Academy and became a certified make-up artist. I was also fortunate to get offered a position with MAC Cosmetics where I continue to learn new skills in make-up application and skin care. My passion for make-up artistry gives me the opportunity to be creative, meet different personalities from all walks of life and make women feel and look fabulous. Knowing that I can put a smile on my client’s face, develop new friendships and network, gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment."

- Chinenye Ifedi, Professional Make-Up Artistry Graduate, December 2014 | Instagram

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